Molco’s unique Semi Commercial Kitchens include marine grade stainless steel worktops that ensure compliance with EHO requirements.

Up to 4m2 sheets of steel are used so we can often make L shaped worktops with no joins for that extra quality.

Where joins are unavoidable we use fold to fold joins or tightly sealed butt joins for smooth unobtrusive and watertight worktops.

Sinks can be formed and welded with no seams or inset and bonded with watertight seals.

Worktops are 30mm thick with all exposed ends square folded. Internal and external corners are tightly folded, welded and finished for a seamless angle.

Molco Worktops 1
Molco Worktops 2
Molco Worktops 3
Molco Worktops 4

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